You will not grow unless you have the courage to change yourself.


First Man (2018) review: A space odyssey of what it means to be lonely while achieving greatness.

Direction: 8.5/10.                     Director: Damien Chazelle.
Cinematography: 8.5/10.                IMDB: 7.7/10.
Music: 8/10.          Grade: A         RT: 89%.
Acting: 8/10.                          Starring: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler.
Overall: 8/10.

Let’s get this thing out of the way first, Damien Chazelle is already among the elites with only 3 movies on his directorial catalogue. I have considered Whiplash and La La Land as masterpieces of modern cinema and there are many who have the similar opinion. First Man is unlike any other space movie you will ever watch just like La La Land and Whiplash were in their respective categories. I refuse to depict First Man as a space movie because there are so many elements in this movie which transcends a single genre of movie. If you are looking for the nitty-gritty of a typical space movie, you’d be severely disappointed and having said that, let’s talk about this movie.

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Why you should NOT do a PhD

PhD is the highest academic degree that you can have and having a PhD degree not only just looks good on your CV but it is highly rewarding as well. I have only started my PhD at Massey University of New Zealand on a joint Chemistry and Veterinary Science project but before coming here, I had over 3 years of research experience and I was pretty certain why I want to do this PhD and the reason I chose this career. But there are so many people that I know who didn’t/don’t have a proper understanding why they are doing a PhD and what exactly drives them to pursue this career. Here are 5 reasons why you should NOT to a PhD and think about doing something else; Continue reading

10 reminders for life

1. Nobody in this world owes you anything, not your parents, friends, lover, nobody but yourself.

2. Everything great takes hard work.

3. Life is not fair, not even to the slightest degree.

4. Only YOU are responsible for your failures and the way your life looks. Nobody else is. Take full charge of your life.

5. Create your own identity. Don’t crave/seek attention and validation. True achievers do not get things done for getting validation and approval.

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Invest in yourself more rather than investing on material things and other people. And that includes from taking care of yourself to hanging out more with yourself. You may get disliked by a lot of people but in the long run, you will be successful.


Fitness; My diet chart for Bulking.

Here’s something different for a change. I have been bulking for better part of this month and this chart is made exclusively for that, will follow till end of April cause by then I’m hoping to gain 2-3 extra kilos (currently 78 kg/172 lbs) while not compromising much on the BF% (currently at 12-13%). This chart is around of 5000 calories while not counting the calories I get from outside food although I hardly consume any (there have been some cheat meals this month, 5 to be specific).
On my rest days (I workout 4-5 days a week), I skip meal 1, combine meal 2+3, and rests stay the same.
This diet is around 40% protein+40% carbs+20% fat. My maintenance/cutting diet leans heavier on the protein side. It’s been fun!

Arka_Bulking Diet Plan

An unpublished note

I was checking my unpublished drafts and I wrote this on October 20, 2017. I decided not to publish this one for whatever reasons. Here it goes:

The more problems that I am facing, the roadblocks which are coming on the way, the more I have to remain patient and let things go. But you know what’s amazing? I feel I am getting stronger and more mature without losing 0% of my self-esteem. I am loving myself more each day and I am so hopeful for the future. And that is the most important thing I believe. Continue reading